Strategies Worth Sharing Facebook Assessment – EU Only

Strategies Worth SharingHello!

Thank you so much for your interest in purchasing Strategies Worth Sharing. It’s a great book and I’m really proud of it!

Unfortunately, however, European Tax Laws (the VAT tax) make it a little tricky for me to sell it to your directly.

(You may have noticed the “buy now” buttons don’t work for you – that’s why.)

BUT the good news is I have a solution that works.

The law applies to sales of digital products, but not to services. So I can’t just give you a button to click to buy it, BUT I can offer you a Facebook assessment, where I look over your Facebook page and email you a very brief assessment plus the book.

It’s a couple more steps for both of us, but it’s legal. So that’s good.

(And don’t worry–the book is worth it 🙂 )


Okay, here’s what you need to do!

  1. Email me at to let me know you’d like the book. Please include:
    • Which package option you would like: Just the book ($20), the Pro Package with book+workbook ($35), or the Master Package with book, workbook, training videos and extra printables ($50).
    • Your Paypal email address
    • And your Facebook Page URL (like this:
  2. I will send you an invoice.
  3. Once your payment clears, I will check out your Facebook page, give you a couple quick tips personalized just for you, and email you your materials!



Thanks so much for your patience and understanding with this! Can’t wait to check out your page!!


Click here to email me now.




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